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We work WITH brands, agencies and start-ups on new communication ideas, new product concepts and new ways of thinking, especially about the impact of technology on business and behavior.

It's called Genius Steals because we believe ideas are new combinations and that nothing can come from nothing. But copying is lazy. We believe the best way to innovate is to look at the best of that which came before and combine those elements into new solutions. 

Co-Founders Faris & Rosie are award-winning strategists and creative directors, writers, consultants and public speakers who have been living on the road/runway for 4 years and counting, working with companies all over the world. Our business managers are in Tennessee, our CPA out of Washington, our assistant is based out of NYC, and our collaborators are all over the world. Being nomadic allows us to go wherever clients need us to be, and to be inspired by the world in between.