Genius Steals x London International Awards

We're excited to announce our newly minted partnership with the London International Awards!

We've been helping them redefine some of their categories and sub-categories, specifically within the NEW category. to better reflect the changing industry. While so many industry award shows cater to the behemoth creative shops, we've designed categories that are for innovative PR agencies, media shops, boutique creative shops, even tech companies.


Because the LIA are passionate about the diversity of entrants, they're subsidizing our rates --
so that your organization gets a deal when it comes to our help crafting compelling case studies.

We understand that not everyone will have the rights or reason to use Jay-Z in their case study, but after years of judging awards, we also understand that you don't need Jay-Z. Creative agencies who enter lots of awards shows, especially those with video production capabilities, tend to have an upper-hand when it comes to creating great case studies.

We want to give you a peek inside the jury room, and share just how to ensure your work gets the recognition it deserves.  


NEW @ LIAs is accepting entries NOW until June 9th  |  Complete entry requirements are available on the LIA website



Augmented Reality  Digital Experiences that combine live action imagery (either through a camera or direct sight) with CG imagery (such as an overlay or a manipulated camera feed) in either a practical, useful or creative fashion. This could be in any medium, such as a mobile device, computer device or live experience. Entrant needs to provide a case study that explains the concept and thoroughly conveys the actual AR experience in detail as the user would experience.

Brand Action  Brand actions are activities that may inform advertising but are distinct from it. Programs such as Small Business Saturday, real work stunts like Red Bull Stratos, PR stunts like McWhopper, and one-offs such as REI OptOutside are examples.

Creative Technology  Technology deployed in creative ways. The technology can be used to facilitate the telling of the story, or be the story itself. The jury is looking for clever and innovative uses of technology, whether they be new ways of using old technology, or new technology used in a unique, innovative, groundbreaking fashion.

Creative Use of Data  This category celebrates the most innovative uses and incorporation of data into creative executions.

Experiential  Live experiences that allow people to interact and engage with a product, service or brand.

Influencer Advertising  Ideas created by individuals, or groups of individuals, who have large online followings, paid for or supported by brands.

Media Creativity  Ideas / content developed by media agencies and properties rather than traditional creative.

Media Innovation  Using traditional media deployments in nontraditional ways or creating new media opportunities that benefit brands and consumers.

Native Advertising  Material in a [usually online] publication which resembles the publication’s editorial and is created internally but is paid for by an advertiser and intended to promote the advertiser’s brand.

Self-Promotion  Ideas deployed to promote the person or agency under their own aegis. This category can be entered by Companies, Individuals, Students and Recent Graduates (25 years old & under). (with discounted rates for individuals & students!)

Technology Development  Use of a new technology that enhances the way a consumer would interact with either a product or a service.

Virtual Reality  Digital Experiences that use a screen device to replace a person’s vision and provide an immersive or interactive experience. This could be in the form of a single person experience or group experience. Entrant needs to provide a case study that explains the concept and thoroughly conveys the actual VR experience in detail as the user would experience.



As part of our partnership with the London International Awards, they've agreed to subsidize education when it come so crafting compelling case studies. Both the LIAs and Genius/Steals are committed to championing the best work out there. And we realize that means arming people with the tools to best showcase their work.

Commit to 2 entries for any combination of categories within The NEW and you'll get our session for $2500 -- which is 50% off our rate. 

[Got lots of great work? Awesome. Commit to 10 entries and the LIAs cover your costs entirely -- meaning you get our session for free.]

And while our partnership is with the LIAs, the learnings are yours for any case studies you craft, whether you're entering awards shows or simply merchandising work within your network.


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