FastCompany & Marriott's Creative Braintrust on the Future of Travel

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The Roads More Traveled | Traveling presents us with a constant stream of novelty. Part of the experience is the satisfaction of surmounting linguistic and cultural barriers to achieve seemingly simple things, like getting across the border, from A to B.

Traveling Without Moving Fast | As technology makes everywhere accessible so that we might see differences, other powerful forces drive everywhere to become more similar.

Memory Hacking | Understanding that stories are defined by beginnings, key changes, and especially endings can have a dramatic impact on the way we experience, plan, and think about travel.

Time Travels | The telegraph dramatically changed the paradigm of communication. Almost overnight, information that had taken days to get somewhere could arrive in seconds

Traveling Salesman | A persistent feature of traveling, anywhere that people tend to visit in significant numbers, is the presence of locals looking to sell you things.

Confronting The Travel Booking Experience | User experience designers have long challenged travel companies to put the user first and many sites have begun to raise their game.

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